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another short tale...

This one was inspired by the combination of listening to Goodbye Earl and noticing a motorcycle driving behind me...



Another PKz short



Gabs and Demon stood, staring down at the mess they'd made. It had been a complete accident, and it really wasn't their fault, but still... they knew they had to clean it up. And fast.


A moment later, their mentor appeared at their side, and slowly looked over the mess.


"How did this happen?" Irina sighed. Gabs and Demon exchanged guilty glances, and each mumbled something unintelligible. "Speak up!"


"Well, we were just practicing..." Gabs started, holding up her sais.


"and this dude just wandered up," Demon continued, glancing sadly at her katana.


"He was just being a good Samaritan, whatever THAT is," Gabs added.


"He thought it was a real fight and he just didn't want someone to get hurt," Demon concluded. Irina nodded, all the pieces falling into place. Then she frowned distastefully. Speaking of pieces...


"Where is his other ear?" All three of them stared down at the mangled body.


"Crap... I thought we picked up all the pieces," Demon grumbled.


"And I thought I taught you better," Irina sighed. "Missing one piece out of..." she paused briefly to count, "219 is no better than missing 200 pieces. Find it." Demon and Gabs quickly split, scouring the area for the missing part.


"Found it!" Demon declared half an hour later. Irina nodded approvingly.


"Now, how do you propose to clean this up?" Gabs and Demon frowned, pondering the dilemma.


"The problem with motorcycles... no trunk for shoving bodies. Or groceries," Gabs noted.


"Precisely. How many times have I told you two, those things are not safe?"


"Bonfire?" Demon suggested. Gabs nodded gleefully.


"In a public park?" Irina countered.


"There's a river over there," Gabs pointed wildly with a sai, causing Demon to duck in order to avoid losing one of her own ears. She shot Gabs a glare as she stood back up.


"That may work," Irina agreed.


"I'm pretty sure it will. Especially with the piranha we put in there last week," Demon said confidently. Conversation paused as they all listened to a terrified scream from the direction Gabs had indicated. Irina raised an eyebrow.


"Well. I'm impressed. Take care of your mess, and perhaps be a bit more mindful of the sharp edges next time." With a dramatic and all-around impressive flourish, she took her leave of the duo. They continued to stare down at the pile of Good Samaritan.


"So, how do we do this? Piece by piece?" Gabs wondered.


"I guess just bringing the piranha over here is out of the question..."





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