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A PKz Baking Adventure (short)

Just a short story starring everyone's favorite PKz...


It was an average morning at the Psycho Killerz estate.


Gabs, as usual, had woken up somewhere between 9 and 10. Demon trudged out of her cave a couple hours later, only to find Gabs standing in the kitchen. This was a foreign area for the Dictator, so Demon paused and stared in concern.


"What's going on?" Gabs glanced over to her.


"Well... I want muffins." Demon raised one eyebrow.


"There's that donut place..." she volunteered.


"Yeah, but by this time all the good muffins are gone. They'll only have the icky ones left. Hard and stuff. Breaks teeth," she added under her breath, causing Demon to wonder if perhaps Gabs had experience with this.


"Ok. So what are you gonna do?"


"Well..." Gabs trailed off hesitantly. Demon poked her. Gabs glared.


"Well what?" Demon questioned.


"Well, we DO have muffin mix. I don't know why... neither of us buy things that require baking... but, we do have some." Demon scratched her head thoughtfully


"That's odd." Gabs nodded in agreement, carefully reaching into a drawer and producing a bag of blueberry muffin mix. She pointed to the front.


"Look. It says just add water."


"That's all there is to it?" Demon asked incredulously.


"Must be, or else it would be false advertising," Gabs reasoned. She then looked at the label again. "3 minutes. Wow, this baking stuff isn't nearly as difficult as I thought."


"How much water do we add?" Demon asked, intrigued by the idea of baking something.


"Hmmm... doesn't say." Gabs handed the bag to Demon, who scrutinized the front.


"We could empty the bag into a bowl, fill the bag with water, and then pour that into the bowl too..." Demon suggested. Gabs nodded brightly.


"Great idea! That must be what they mean." The duo quickly set about doing this, neither of them ever hazarding a glance at the back label before they tossed the bag into the trash.


"Think we need a timer?" Demon asked.


"Probably, but do we have one?"


"Good point. We can use my watch." Demon took note of what time it was, then pulled up a chair and sat staring at the muffin mix. Gabs stood next to her, waiting impatiently. Five minutes later, they noted very little change. Gabs frowned.


However, ten minutes later... there was actually still no change, shockingly enough. Gabs and Demon exchanged dubious glances.


"I don't think we're very good at baking," Demon commented. Gabs sighed.


"So... Subway?"


"Eat Fresh!"

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