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More D2 ficcie

It's a quickie this time... doubt I'll get anymore done tonight but I thought this bit was at least funnier than the previous stuff..

The exhausted duo trudged back to camp, quickly but cautiously. They encountered no further threats on this trip, and soon they practically fell at Akara's feet. She looked at them sympathetically and, whispering a few words in a tongue neither of them knew, she soon healed them of their injuries.


"Now that's a handy skill," Gabs noted. Akara smiled, and began to speak.


"You have cleansed the Den of Evil. You have earned my trust, and may yet restore my faith in humanity. As a token of my gratitude, I will give each of you a magical assist to boost one of your skills."


By this point, each of them had advanced to level 4 through the experience gained in the Den of Evil. Gabs had acquired the new skills of Inner Sight, which would allow her to illuminate and weaken enemies within range, and Jab, the ability to deliver javelin strikes at a more rapid rate. She now used her gifted skill from Akara to develop Fire Arrow, which would enchant any arrow she fired with a burst of flame so long as the skill was active.


Demon had used her level-ups to learn the skill of Dragon Talon, a devastating martial arts kick that would knock away any enemies it didn't kill, along with Psychic Hammer, which was the ability to use the power of her mind to create a psychic blast that would level nearby enemies. She used her new skill point to obtain the Fire Blast trap, which set off a firebomb.


Once her reward had been handed out, Akara gave the duo an appraising look.


"Might I suggest-"


"NO! No, you may not!" Gabs shouted, cutting her off. Akara turned and stared at her. Gabs blinked back.


"She can get a bit excited sometimes," Demon advised wryly.


"So I see," Akara replied in the same tone. Gabs frowned. "As I was saying, might I suggest you two take some time to rest your weary bones? It has been a long day, and you've accomplished a great feat already."


"What's the fun in that?" Demon grinned.


"You healed us. We are good to go," Gabs agreed. Akara shrugged lightly


"As you wish."


"Oh! Identification!" Gabs suddenly remembered.


"Scrolls of identify? I have them for 80 gold each if that's what you're in need of." The duo nodded, and the transaction was quickly completed. It took only a matter of moments to identify the mysterious items they'd found.


Demon's new claws turned out to be a Katar of Frost, which would add mild cold damage to each attack. The shield Gabs found was a Buckler of Light, giving extra light radius that would help to see slightly better in dark areas. Neither item was terribly impressive, but both were a vast improvement on the old ones. They sold the outdated items to Akara (at a very low price, of course; all the town vendors were cheap bastards.) After depositing their miniscule monetary earnings in their respective stashes, the PKz turned to venture out into the Blood Moor again. As they started to leave camp, they suddenly noticed Kashya waving at them frantically. When Gabs and Demon started to approach, the Rogue captain quickly dropped her arms and looked around, as if wanting to be sure no one else had seen her display.




"Dude!" Gabs cut in.


"We're standing right here," Demon finished. "No need to yell." Kashya coughed slightly, then continued.


"My Rogue scouts have just reported an abomination in the monastery graveyard! Blood Raven, one of our finest captains in the battle against Diablo at Tristram, has been corrupted by the Demon Queen Andariel." At this, Demon frowned in annoyance, but said nothing. "She's in the graveyard now, defiling our dead by raising them as zombies! You must help us destroy her."


"By help, she means we do all the work while she stands here," Demon muttered. Gabs stifled a snicker as Kashya looked at them sharply.


"You got it Captain! We're on it!" Gabs yelled before running for the exit. Demon followed, and Kashya stared after them in dismay.


"That's the last we'll see of them..." she sighed, wondering how many other hapless heroes would get themselves killed.


The rejuvenated 'heroes' sprinted through the Blood Moor until they came back to the Den of Evil. Here, they paused to catch their breath and decide which way to move. They soon found a dirt path, and figured following that would be a good start. The numerous zombies and quill rats they encountered on the way were nothing to the duo after their experience in the Den of Evil.


Eventually, the trail led to an opening in the rock wall that surrounded the perimeter of the Blood Moor. Here stood Flavie, a Rogue scout charged with ensuring that no creatures from the plains beyond, the Cold Plains, got any closer to the camp. The opening she stood in was narrow, allowing very few attackers to enter and thus making it easier for her to do her job. She watched as the PKz approached, looking at them appraisingly. As they drew closer, her strong voice called out a warning.


"Beward! Beyond lies mortal danger for the likes of you."


"Bitch," Demon growled. Gabs just rolled her eyes and they brushed past Flavie without a word. Glancing back as they reached the edge of the Cold Plains, Gabs grinned.


"Wanna have a bit of fun?" she asked the Ass. Demon looked to her, then back to Flavie, and a matching grin broke out on her face.


"Oh yeah." As they moved forward, Gabs spotted the waypoint and ran for it. Activating it would allow them to transport from their current location, back to camp, and then back to any active waypoint in a matter of seconds. It cut down on travel time and could sometimes prove to be a lifesaver. Just as they reached the waypoint, Demon caught sight of a group of Dark Hunters. Much like Blood Raven, they were Corrupted Rogues, but with far less power. After activating the point, they waited for the Hunters to start running towards them, and then the duo backtracked towards the entrance of the Plains.


The Dark Hunters were hot on their heels as Demon and Gabs ran past Flavie. She stared at them in shock, before turning her attention to the four Hunters. She quickly picked off two with her arrows, then had to backpedal herself as the other two drew into close quarters and rendered her bow useless.


"Let's try this new skill..." Demon whispered. She tossed out a Fire Blast, and the bomb landed at the feet of one Hunter. She stumbled and fell as it blew, but soon got back to her feet. Demon frowned. "How impressive."


"My turn!" Gabs declared. She pulled out her own bow and quickly notched an enchanted Fire Arrow, which finished the job Demon had started. The Assassin ran forward, employing her Dragon Talon kick to eliminate the last Dark Hunter.


"Mortal danger for the likes of you," she mocked Flavie before turning and heading back for the Plains.


"That was fun," Gabs cheerfully informed the sullen Rogue. "Hey, hope those charred bodies don't smell too bad." Flavie glared at them as they continued on their quest.

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