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D2 Adventures: Part Two

I don't remember... did this thing have a title? :p I'll have to come up with one...

It didn't take long for the duo to run into the demented Paladin again. He was struggling back their way, armor destroyed, weapons missing, blood dripping everywhere. He paused as he came back to Gabs and Demon.


"Corpsefire... ahead... zombies," he gasped, before pushing off and continuing to flee. The PKz exchanged looks, knowing that Corpsefire was a zombie 'boss' who would not be so easy to kill. He was also likely to be surrounded by a number of zombie underlings. Steeling themselves for the mission, they forged ahead.


Suddenly, Demon paused, her keen assassin ear hearing something ahead.


"Right around the corner," she breathed. Gabs nodded her understanding. "I think I hear... 8 or 9 of them."


"Great," Gabs whispered. "Well then, let's go take on the Corpsefire Ten." Weapons up, they both stormed around the corner. Sure enough, Corpsefire's blue skin stood out starkly against the far wall of the cavern, and 8 more zombies stood between the warriors and their target. One zombie lay dead (again) at their feet, evidently the work of the Paladin.


"Split?" Demon suggested. Gabs nodded quickly, and they flanked the zombie crew. Empowered by the presence of Corpsefire, these zombies were more difficult to destroy than those they'd encountered previously. Demon backed away slowly, drawing out two of the enemies. When one got close enough, she lashed out with a brutal kick to the throat that took it down, at least for a moment. With that one out of the way, she turned her attention to the other zombie, slashing it ruthlessly. After a few minutes of work, she had a pleasant zombie stew puddled at her feet. She turned her eyes - and her claws- back to the first attacker.


Meanwhile, Gabs was taking the distance approach. She stayed back as far as she could, and let loose with as many javelins as she could in rapid succession. It had taken five to eliminate her first opponent, and she immediately realized that her small remaining stack of 20 javs wouldn't last long at that rate. The zombie blood would instantly begin decaying the weapons impaled in it, making recycling them out of the question. She took out two more zombies with the same method, leaving her with only 6 javelins left. A quick glance told her that Demon was just finishing her third attack, which left the duo with two more zombies... and Corpsefire.


They both pulled back, stopping out of zombie range to regroup and plan.


"I'm so glad those fuckers move so slow," Demon noted breathlessly.


"Hooah. Almost outta javs, can't throw many more. I need..." Gabs trailed off as her eyes landed on a bow lying on the ground, not far. Demon followed her gaze, grinning as she saw it.


"There were some arrows in the corridor we just came through," she said. Without waiting for comment from the Amazon, she turned and ran back, retrieving the item in question. When she got back to the battleground, Gabs had stored her javelins in their pouch on her back, and now held the bow at the ready. The two remaining zombies were drawing dangerously close. Demon tossed the quiver to her friend before darting between the zombies, bewildering them and giving Gabs time to bow up.


While the Assassin engaged one zombie with her claws, Gabs took aim on the second. She quickly let fly with the arrows, and after about 10 shots, the zombie. Dropping the bow, which had turned out to be far weaker than she'd expected, Gabs pulled out a javelin and lunged forward, thrusting it through the chest.


"Down to five," she noted to herself as she watched Demon's claws move in a deadly dance through the zombies throat. By this point, both women were bruised and bleeding, but still standing, and they knew they had to finish this part of the quest.


"Bow?" Demon questioned.


"Crap," Gabs replied.


"Well, we better finish this guy quick." Corpsefire had stood back, watching as the duo felled all of his minions. Apparently, zombies were capable of rage; this one was now ambling towards them, far quicker than any other, and was groaning angrily.


"Double team?"


"Yup." Demon again darted forward, planning to use her speed and stealth to get the first advantage. But Corpsefire shocked both of them; he not only sidestepped her attack, he also turned and landed a solid punch to her jaw. Demon stumbled back, looking around the blue zombie to catch her allies attention. Gabs, eyes wide, had taken in the whole scene. Demon nodded, and Gabs pulled out another javelin.


"This is gonna suck," she sighed, before she too ran forward. Corpsefire was still focused on the Assassin, and they both hoped his attention would be held long enough for Gabs to strike a blow. But once again, he surprised them. He caught hold of the javelin headed for his side, quickly bringing it around and breaking it across Gabs' throat. She fell back, coughing and sputtering. Demon felt sure there was probably a healthy stream of curse words being released, but she couldn't quite make anything out. She made her way well around Corpsefire, staying out of range, and came back to Gabs' side.


"Any ideas?" The Amazons eye drifted back to the discarded bow.


"May be crap, but maybe our best shot for starters," she rasped. She scrambled over and retrieved the bow, quickly notching an arrow and taking aim on Corpsefire. The undead creature paused, seemingly staring them down. Gabs and Demon exchanged a quick glance before the 'zon unleashed a hail of arrows. While she fired, Demon slipped around back and plunged her claws into Corpsefire's shoulders, quickly pulling at and jumping back to give herself distance. As expected, the zombie turned and tried to swing at her, but she was well out of range.


Once Gabs emptied the last of the arrows from the quiver, she ran forward and broke the bow over the zombies head. He staggered, trying desperately to retain his footing. Seeing their opening, the PKz attacked in unison, Demon slashing at Corpsefire's throat while Gabs impaled a javelin into the back of his skull. With one final swipe from Demon, his head flew free and his body dropped with a thud. A few piles of gold, a set of claws, and a small shield all dropped. Neither warrior moved to grab anything until they were positive he was really dead. Inspecting the new claws, Demon could tell they were higher quality and in far better condition than the ones she currently wore. There was also an obvious magic to them, but she couldn't identify it. Gabs felt the same about the shield she'd grabbed. With a shrug, she stuck it into her pack, knowing that Akara would have scrolls to help them identify the items. Pocketing her gold, the Amazon paused to assess her injuries. It didn't take long to deduce that there was too much blood to get a clear idea, so she gave up on that idea. I'm not dead yet, hopefully it'll stay that way until we get back to camp. Akara can fix me there, she mused.


A short time later, the PKz had finished clearing the Den of Evil. As the last monster fell dead, the ceiling suddenly started allowing a soft light to filter in, eventually filling the whole cavern with sunshine.


"Back to camp?" Demon asked, stretching her sore muscles.


"Back to camp," Gabs agreed tiredly.

An... 'artistic rendering' of the Corpsefire battle

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