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I know, I know. Took me long enough. ;)

Who Said Anything About Intelligence?
A PKz Productionz Tale by PK Gabs and PK Demon

The PKz entered a dark room that held only one light, which shone over the head of the captive. The captive stared gloomily at the floor as the PKz stepped to either side of her. Demon slammed her hands on the table in front of the captive, causing her to jump and look around. Demon stared at her with unblinking red slitted eyes and grinned when she squirmed in her chair.

"Alright, here’s the deal. You tell us what we want to know, and you don’t get hurt…too much. Got it?" Demon told the Warcat. She stared dumbly at the PKz. "What’s your name and organization?" Demon asked. The captive remained silent, a stupid look on her face. "You better tell us what we want to know or…" Demon paused and looked at Gabs. "Quick, give me something," Demon whispered. Gabs pulled out a piece of glass from her pocket and handed it to Demon, who gave her a strange look. Gabs just shrugged and Demon turned back to the captive. "Or else we put this piece of glass in your mouth and break it."

"Huh?" The captive asked, with that stupid look still on her face.

"Er.." Demon said as she tossed the piece of glass aside, which smashed to pieces once it hit the wall. "Ok, then. If you don’t tell us what we want we’ll…nail your hands to this table and tear your fingernails out!" Demon declared.

The captive continuted to look at Demon with that stupid expression. Demon growled. "If you don’t tell us what we want to know…" Demon started, pausing to ponder other methods of torture.

"We’ll beat you with a pillow!" Gabs interjected vehemently.

The captive’s eyes grew wide. "I’ll tell you everything about us! Just don’t hurt me!"

The PKz glanced at each other then shrugged their shoulders. "Your name and organization?" Demon asked.

"I’m… Morgan Cox of the Warcat Syndicate," she replied quickly.

"Who are your superiors and what are their positions?" Gabs asked, brandishing a pillow that Demon had pulled from her bag.

"Emera Corwin, Head of Operations, and Bonnie Hunter, Head of Intelligence." Morgan stammered almost inaudibly.

"Other high ranking field operatives?" Gabs asked again as Demon wrote down her responses.

"Michelle DeMers and Zorrina Irwin," Morgan replied, her wide eyes carefully watching the pillow in Gabs’ hands.

"Location of your headquaters?"

Morgan looked at the floor and failed to respond to Gabs’ question, until Gabs brandished the pillow toward her menacingly. "Norwell, Massachusetts and…" Morgan paused, staring at the pillow in fear.

"And?" Gabs asked impatiently.

"And…Beerwha, Australia," Morgan responded.

"Did she say Beer Wall?" Demon asked, with a confused look on her face.

"No, Beer Hall," Gabs told Demon.

"You sure its not Beer Mall?" Demon asked.

"It’s Beer-WHA!" Morgan exclaimed.

"Oh." Demon said and wrote it down.

Gabs turned back to the victim. "Do you have any allies?"

"Just the Innocent Daisy le Crush." Morgan quickly replied.

"No one’s innocent." Demon muttered as she wrote the name down. "Do we need anything else?" Demon asked her fellow PK.

"Ummm, nope. Not that I’m aware of." Gabs replied.

"Ok," Demon said, putting the paper in her pocket as she rose to leave. Gabs moved toward the door but paused when she saw a grin flash across the Demonic One’s face.

"Wha?" She asked. Demon pulled out another pillow and glanced at Morgan, who was wide eyed with fear. Gabs grinned in response and joined Demon who had begun hitting Morgan with the pillow. Morgan screamed in agony while the PKz laughed maniacally. They bored quickly, however, and left the room to report to Irina.

They exited the lower levels of the PKz ‘Intelligence’ Directorate headquarters, and took the elevator upstairs towards Irina’s main office. Just as they reached the door, Demon stopped.

"Wait!" she exclaimed. Gabs looked at her curiously. "What?" Demon looked at her empty hands.

"I forgot the paper!" Gabs sighed.

"Let’s go back and get it." They turned around and headed back to the elevator. After passing through the security room, they headed for the interrogation chamber they had been using for theWarcat. Demon reached into her pokcet to grab the key, and paused again. She glanced at Gabs, who raised an eyebrow. Demon grinned sheepishly.

"Found it," she said, pulling a piece of paper out of her pocket. They turned around and headed back for the elevators, again passing through the security clearance room. The PKz moved in silence down the hall to Irina’s office. The duo found her waiting expectantly.

"She cracked, I presume?" Gabs nodded, prompting Irina to smile.

"These people are dangerous. With a capital A," Gabs said seriously. Irina gave her a strange look.

"Capital… never mind. You say they are dangerous. How so?" Gabs and Demon exhanged glances, not sure how to break the news. Irina raised an eyebrow impatiently.

"Well? What is it? Do they have nuclear weapons?" Demon snorted.


"A Rambaldi artifact that we desperately need?"

"I doubt it," Gabs said.

"Means of creating flesh-eating diseases?" Gabs and Demon laughed.

"Large stores of biological weapons?"

"Well, that would be fun, but no," Gabs noted.

"An exceptional collection of firepower?"

"I hope not. But if they do, I’m gonna add it to my collection," Demon stated.

"What is it??" Irina demanded, obviously growing more annoyed.

"They are unbelievably stupid. This stupidity, we believe, will lead to them being reckless and dangerous. Going against them would be a high risk maneuver." Gabs and Demon exchanged looks.

"Let’s do it!"

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