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This one is like the CLASSIC PKz fic. Of course, unfinished still. We DO have plans to continue it, just no telling when exactly that will be. ;-)

Without further ado... chapter one.

Who Said Anything About Intelligence?

A PKz Productionz Tale by PK Gabs and PK Demon

PKz ‘Intelligence’ Directorate- Main Headquarters

Los Angeles, California

11 AM; Sunday, 31 August

Heads of Directorate Meeting

Irina Derevko stood at the front of the room and looked at her two comrades. Gabrielle Hardy-Van Dam-Moore-Michaels looked relaxed in her black and blue swivel chair. Her co-head of operations, Demon Hardy-Copeland, looked much more prepared and on alert as she sat attentively in her chosen black leather seat. When Gabrielle finally stopped spinning, Irina spoke.

"As you two well know, we have recently come across a new rival. The Warcat Syndicate has shown itself on four of our last six missions. As you know, Agent Jericho nearly lost her mission and her life two weeks ago." A picture of PK Harley Jericho, top field agent and Gabrielle’s number one operative, appeared on screen. "Prior to that, Agent Bloom had a run-in with this Syndicate." The image of Harley was replaced by a shot of PK Monica Bloom, Demon’s number one operative. "And now, Agent Bristow and Agent Derevko have had to change a mission due to Warcat interference." As always, a raised eyebrow from Irina accompanied the mention of the agents. Gabrielle and Demon had supplied the names of the two whose pictures next appeared- Agent Griffin Bristow, whom Gabrielle had re-dubbed, and Agent Dragon Derevko, renamed by Demon. No one else knew what or who they had been before the PKz transformed them. Irina didn’t care; they were two of her best operatives, and rarely failed.

Lightly brushing one errant strand of hair behind her ear, Irina continued. "Now, however, there has been a break- one of our allies has taken prisoner a Warcat operative. I believe you’re both familiar with Mr. Sark?" A shot of the handsome young British assassin came up. "He has graciously agreed to allow us full, unrestricted interrogation of this rogue agent." Gabrielle perked up. "When?" Irina smiled. "Today."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Gabrielle and Demon walked down the hall, headed for Irina’s office. Sark was scheduled to arrive soon and with him, the prisoner.

"So Harley will be back on missions this week?" Demon asked. Gabrielle nodded.

"Yup. And she is gunning for Warcat." Demon grinned. Just then, Gabrielle’s cell phone rang. She let it go for a moment, enjoying the ring tone, before pulling it out of her pocket.

"Gabs here." Demon watched her, attempting to discern who it was. She finally gave up, choosing to wait for Gabs to tell her. A moment later, she hung up and dropped the phone back into her pocket. Demon stared at her intently.

"Wha-? Oh. It was… well, Lita." Demon reached for her partner’s ID badge.

"Hardy… Van Dam… Moore… Michaels… I don’t seem to see any ‘Dumas’ on here…" she noted, absently rapping a table as they passed. Gabs looked about ready to put Demon through that table, until the door to Irina’s office opened. She shot them a warning look, then motioned the duo in.

Mr. Sark sat there, looking comfortable but highly professional, as always. Gabs and Demon took two vacant spots, and Irina seated herself behind her meticulously organized desk. She fixed a stare on her two associates.

"Gabrielle, Demon, Mr. Sark has placed the prisoner in PK custody. She is downstairs now, awaiting interrogation." Gabs nodded, took a moment to remember Irina’s request for professionalism, and then spoke.

"Well, that reeks of excellence." Demon nodded in agreement.

"Totally." Irina shut her eyes and took a deep breath; Sark’s eyebrows lifted simultaneously.

A moment later, Irina opened her eyes and smiled pleasantly, causing Gabs and Demon to share an insecure look.

"Right," Irina said lightly. She continued to look at her younger partners for a moment, until a look of understanding dawned on each of their faces.

"You mean… you wanted US to do the interrogation?" Irina nodded shortly.

"I certainly thought it fell under your collective realm." Sark frowned, hearing her place an emphasis on the word ‘thought.’ Gabs twitched slightly; Demon’s eyes narrowed. At that moment, the door opened, admitting Harley and Monica. They nodded to Sark and Irina in turn, then moved to stand behind Gabs and Demon. Irina continued speaking.

"Is there a problem with you two conducting the interrogation?" Suddenly, neither Gabs nor Demon could meet Irina’s eyes.

"Well?" Gabs finally looked up.

"Well… we kinda had some other plans going on," she said hesitantly. Sark, Harley and Monica all looked to Irina for her response.

"Other plans? Such as…?" All eyes now went back to Gabs and Demon, who exchanged glances.

"Uh… we’re sorta scheduled to go… um… hide with Jeff and Edge…" Everyone, including Irina, looked impossibly confused at this statement.

"Hide?" Sark said dubiously.

"Are you guys seriously going to skip out on an interrogation just to go play hide and seek?" Harley questioned.

"It’s not even dark out yet!" Monica added. Irina simply continued to stare at them.

"Thank you, Agent Jericho, Agent Bloom," Gabs said sharply.

"We’re not going to play hide and seek. We’re going to… well, hide," Demon stated. They each looked both defensive and belligerent. Irina’s tapping of a pencil on the wood of her chair brought them both stiffly to attention. Sark marveled at the sudden change, and pondered about what brought it on. In most cases, he would presume- correctly so- that Irina was the source. But his knowledge of the PKz, though slightly limited, caused him to wonder if it wasn’t just the tapping. They were certainly strange enough. He decided to test the theory, and lightly tapped his own pencil on the chair. This earned him only a glare from Demon. He shrugged to himself, then turned to look at Irina. Her glance swept from him to Harley and Monica.

"If you three would excuse us for a moment…" Sark nodded courteously.

"Of course. We’ll be right outside." He stepped out, followed by the other two. There was a moment of quite, indistinguishable talk in the office, followed by an uncharacteristically loud outburst from Irina.

"What??" Her voice dropped to it’s normal level, and again they heard nothing from inside. After a short conversation, Irina’s voice carried out.

"Thank you, Mr. Sark, Agent Bloom, Agent Jericho. You may come back in now." Sark led the way and resumed his previous seat. As Monica and Harley walked back to where they had been, he took a look at Gabs and Demon. They each held a suitably repentant look, though there was also a lingering hint of humor on each of their faces. He frowned curiously, then turned his attention to Irina, who had regained her normal composure.

"Will the Agents Hardy be carrying on the interrogation?" He was stopped by Gabs, clearing her throat loudly. He glanced over to meet a death glare from Demon and a psychotic glint in Gabs’ eyes. Sark forced himself to remain calm.

"My apologies if I offended, PKz." They each held up a hand, though Sark noted that neither had all 5 fingers up. Sark looked at them in exasperation.

"Excuse me, I seem to have missed something." Gabs nodded sharply. From the corner of his eye, Sark noted that Irina had leaned back and was watching in slight annoyance.

"Pray tell what mistake I might have made?" Sark said to Gabs and Demon.

"First of all, no praying. Second, the names, dude." He raised an eyebrow at Gabs’ reply.

"What mistake have I made in your names, Agent Hardy?" She shot him a glare.

"I’m not just Agent Hardy. It’s Agent Hardy-Van Dam-Moore-Michaels." An obvious look of surprise crossed Sark’s face as he looked to Demon.

"And you?" he questioned.

"Agent Hardy-Copeland, thank you very much!" He looked from one to the other, trying to gauge their seriousness. Deciding they weren’t kidding, he nodded slightly.

"Well, what say we skip the formalities from now on? I shall simply call you Gabrielle and Demon." They nodded.

"Works for us. We’re off to tortu… uh, interrogate the Warcat now." Sark watched them leave, followed by Harley and Monica.

"Dare I ask what their reference to ‘hiding’ was about?" Irina sighed lightly.

"Suffice to say, it has nothing to do with hide and seek, but everything to do with their long list of names." Sark’s face paled slightly, but he kept his cool.

"Interesting, though I can’t say I really wished to know that." He stood.

"It has been a most enlightening experience, as always. Thank you, Irina. Do pass my regards on to Agents… to Gabrielle and Demon, as well as the rest of PKz ‘Intelligence’ Directorate. I look forward to working with you again." Irina nodded to him.

"Thank you Mr. Sark. I’ll be sure to be in contact as soon as the Warcat agent cracks."
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