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PKz: Random to the eXtreme's Journal

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24th February 2007

gracent_dic9:18pm: another short tale...
This one was inspired by the combination of listening to Goodbye Earl and noticing a motorcycle driving behind me...



Another PKz short



Current Mood: amused

13th February 2007

gracent_dic12:51pm: A PKz Baking Adventure (short)

Just a short story starring everyone's favorite PKz...


Current Mood: amused

20th October 2006

gracent_dic3:42am: More D2 ficcie
It's a quickie this time... doubt I'll get anymore done tonight but I thought this bit was at least funnier than the previous stuff..

9th October 2006

gracent_dic6:28pm: D2 Adventures: Part Two

I don't remember... did this thing have a title? :p I'll have to come up with one...

1st September 2006

kage_no_aku7:04pm: WSAAI!!!
I know, I know. Took me long enough. ;)

Chapter 2Collapse )
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7th June 2006

gracent_dic6:53pm: Intelligence?
This one is like the CLASSIC PKz fic. Of course, unfinished still. We DO have plans to continue it, just no telling when exactly that will be. ;-)

Without further ado... chapter one.

Current Mood: amused

29th May 2006

kage_no_aku12:21pm: Side Job
Part 1/2 of Side Job: A GTA inspired PKZ fic. ;)

Part 1Collapse )
gracent_dic1:58pm: The intro
I suppose I should post a bit of an intro on the off chance anyone BESIDES Demon or I wander in here. :-p

We were talking about.. stuff... like PKz fics and stuff... or something... yeah, ok, I don't remember. But somehow the idea of making a PKz LJ comm came up. So I did it. It's like the prelude to the PKz website we've talked about, and which WILL be around later this year. This is basically for chronicling the PKz adventure, both real life and the fictitious ones. And basically anything that's joint PKz. Like hot men.

Yeah. I guess that's it. O_O
Current Mood: amused
gracent_dic12:38pm: A PKz D2 adventure
Meant to be humorous, hasn't quite turned out that way... oops...

Current Mood: sneezy
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